A day of photos

Today I have been busy making pieces to put on the shop site and for a magazine photoshoot.  

The first thing I needed was a gorgeous door - luckily my friend Kate was able to provide a beautiful, supersize Georgian example that was the perfect elegant backdrop for my wreaths. 

Then it was a case of getting to work adding berries, ribbons, roses and pine cones to create an array of wreaths. 

I made a couple using British-grown fir - the kind of conifer that you might even have in your garden - and I was really happy with the organic bushy feel and the depth of colour that it provided, especially when mixed with a gloss dark leaf like Ivy or holly. 

I also went on a foraging mission for haws, hips and other berries to give a really diverse textured look and subtler shades than you average holly berry.  

Id love to know what you think of these wreaths, and whether you like them as much as the traditional pine base.