Wreath-making workshop in action

This week we held our first wreath-making workshops - and some amazing creations were made by two lovely groups.

We started with the dirty work: separating the moss and getting rid of any twigs, sticks, mud and bugs! Then we were ready to attach the moss to create a base, which we covered with blue pine, and then a layer of foliage before adding cinnamon sticks, oranges, berries and ribbon.

Somewhere in the middle we found time for mulled wine, mince pies (vegan) and brownies from the Brockley Deli - which were delicious!

What I love about workshops is that although everyone starts with the exact same materials, the finished results are completely different in size, shape and colour - some are wild, some a decadent, some a perfectly neat and pretty and others are exuberant in colour and texture,

But they ALL looked beautiful. 

Well done everyone who came, and if you're interested in making a bespoke wreath for your own front door, please do come along to the next one at Blackheath Conservatoire on 11 December, or email me about hosting your own event.