Flowers are for life, not just for Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's one of the busiest days in the floristry calendar, but it's one of my least favourite.

Flowers bought on a whim are so much more romantic than those bought out of obligation, and flowers that reflect the season and personality of the person giving them, or that they are being given to, are so much more beautiful.

So what would I like to receive for Valentine's? Cherry blossom, pussy willow, scented paperwhites and hyacinths, ruffled ranunculus and peony-style double tulips. Sexy, indeed!

And you could get all of those gorgeous flowers from your own garden, or from the talented British flower farmers.

With decadent choice like that, who'd ever choose an overpriced, scentless, stiff red rose air-freighted half-way around the world and sprayed with chemicals?

But if I could urge one thing it would be this: don't by me flowers on 14 February because you feel you have to, buy them anytime and oftentimes. Support the British flower farming industry and support British florists, because if you don't, all you'll be left with are over-priced, scentless, stiff red roses that have been air-freighted half-way around the the world. And that would be depressing.