Oh the kokedama!

No, I haven't forgotten the words to the Okie Kokie - a kokedama is in fact one of the latest indoor gardening crazes to sweep the nation. Step aside bonsai, there's a new, much more natural alternative in town.

Directly translated as "moss-ball", that's a pretty good description of what a kokedama actually is: a plant that is encased in earth surrounded by moss and bound with twine, then hung from the ceiling or that can look just as cute sat on a saucer.

I was lucky enough to make my own version with a saxifrage last week at a Mindful Gardening evening hosted by Bloombox Club - a new delivery gardening service that takes all the hassle out of horticulture for you. Just tell them about your garden and they'll send you the right kind of plants and soil each season, a bit like Abel and Cole, but for outdoors.

Anyway - back to my mindful kokedama. I made it by candle light in a moonlit greenhouse in Hoxton (where else) and my goal was to focus entirely on the practice of making the kokedama, rather than the outcome. I have to say that for me this was a real treat as I find gardening very meditative and stress-soother. And they're meant to look rustic and individual anyway, that's part of their charm. So what if mine came out looking more pineapple-shaped than round, or if the moss is a little wayward - to me it's completely zen and perfect.