Corporate flowers with bold impact

When it comes to office contracts and corporate flowers - big and bold win out.

But if you really want your brand to be forward-thinking, tap into the current trends for sustainable, seasonal flowers that change as months pass. Use wild, natural blooms with an organic form that's intriguing and engaging.

I can't tell you how many blue chip companies I have been to (including Google) whose flowers are sterile, stiff, tropical (ie- shipped from across the globe), boring and frankly entirely inappropriate for their own modern corporate identity.

So many office flowers look dated, bland and say nothing about the time and place in which they sit - they could be the same whether you were in Beijing or Birmingham, January or June.

It doesn't have to be that way. For a more intelligent, interesting and organic, seasonal approach that will show how enlightened, exciting and engaged your brand and business are, contact Bloomologie today. We've worked with the likes of Leon, Selfridges, Bloomberg and BAFTA, and we're sure we could win you over too...