Want wedding flowers to wow your guests? Then use a wedding florist


One of the most common questions that newly-engaged couples ask is, “I want wild and wonderful wedding flowers like I see on Instagram, Pinterest and in Brides magazine, but do I really need to use a wedding florist?” Hiring a wedding florist can be one of the smartest moves you make when you start to plan a wedding.

A wedding planner or the couple will always have a long to-do list for the special day. A wedding florist is a pro with wedding-related flowers of all kinds, from bridal bouquets to buttonholes, table arrangements to floral arches. In many cases, they have flowers you’ve probably never even seen before, and custom designs as unique as the couple who is getting married.

For many couples, their wedding is the first time that they will ever have explored flowers in any kind of detail and it can be a daunting process, not many people know a pedestal from garland or a peony from a poppy, and finding the language to convey the look and feel that you want from your flowers can be difficult for the uninitiated.  


When you work with a dedicated wedding florist, you are not just buying flowers, but a considerable degree of expertise and knowledge of the latest wedding flowers trends, flower farmers and the best, freshest seasonal flowers and wild blooms available at the time of your big day. A professional wedding florist makes a living ensuring that the couple will have a great wedding by not having to sweat the small stuff. They will interpret your ideas and vision for your day into the right floral style for you from bohemian blooms, to wildly romantic flowers, a cool and contemporary look or a natural, country garden feel. 



Once you set a wedding date and have an idea of locations, colour schemes, who needs which flowers and so on, it is time to look for a professional wedding florist. Think about how many bridesmaids you'll have, who will need a buttonhole, how many tables will you have at the reception? Don’t leave it until the last minute to avoid disappointment - wedding florists get booked up months and even years in advance.


Flowers are expensive. Most couples are shocked to learn how much flowers cost so before you run away with ideas of flower walls and hanging floral chandeliers it's worth thinking about how much you actually want to spend on your flowers and which flowers you really need. Your budget will be somewhat dictated by what type of venue(s) your florist will need to decorate and the number of bridesmaids and ushers you have. It will also depend on how traditional or unusual you wish your arrangements and the flowers in them to be. Seasonal flowers will cost less than those out of season. Garden roses are beautiful, and cost more than standard ones and arrangements that are full of flowers will cost more than those using more foliage. By giving your florist an idea of your budget they can create options that will work for you. And it is worth remembering that while quotes might differ from one florist to another, the quality and choice of flowers used can also differ wildly. You get what you pay for, so get a clear understanding of what type of flowers your florist is recommending so that you can compare quotes. 


Once you have considered what flowers you need for the bridal party, the wedding venue, and/or the reception location, it will be time to start narrowing down your choices of a wedding florist and items you will require them to provide.

Make a list of all the people who will need flowers, and all the locations that will require decoration, such as an attractive flower arrangement at each of the tables that will be set up for your wedding reception. Do you want a floral arch or trees outside the church, or a focal pedestal arrangement? What about flowers for the cake table or to decorate the table plan?

Bloomologie is a specialist wedding florist and event florist based in Blackheath and Hither Green, near Greenwich, Dulwich and central London, but we do wedding flowers all over the South East, Suffolk and the Cotswolds - it's always asking a florist how far they travel. 


A moodboard can ensure everyone is on the same page about what the flowers should look like for the big day. It is also a really good way to get ideas and hone a sense of what you do and don't like. For every couple we produce a moodboard from the outset taut we can refine and work on with you in order to create a clear vision of how your wedding will look, from the type of cases used to the style of the bridal bouquet. 


Once you have listed all your needs, your wedding florist can get to work. They will give you an itemised list of everything you have ordered, with prices, plus delivery and set up costs. Read it through carefully, communicate with your wedding florist regularly, and watch your dream wedding come to life. 

We offer to take all our couples to the flower market to meet their flowers ahead of the big day, and we are always on hand on the day to attach buttonholes and move flowers around at the venue so that you don't have to worry about how to hold your wedding bouquet or whether that corsage is fixed correctly.  

In case you are still thinking, “do I need to use a wedding florist?” it is really the smartest choice to hire a dedicated floral designer for your wedding who understands the latest wedding flower trends and techniques that brides are looking for, if only to cross a huge and important chore off of your to-do list and ensure that your vision of the perfect wedding becomes a reality, without any stress.

Contact us about your wedding, we'd love to help.