White, natural wedding flowers

I can't deny that I love colour, but when it comes to looking stylish and sophisticated, and elegantly simple, you can't beat the purity of natural white wedding flowers.

Even white flowers have a natural hue to them that adds tone and texture to a bouquet - these white peonies, above, hint at the lemon-y centre inside, while the sweet peas have a creamy tone and the hellebores offer a touch of green.

Wild White Vase Bloomologie.jpg

As we've just passed the longest day of the year and are rolling into summer, the delicate scabious are looking beautiful and the veil-thin cosmos are about to flower, while the dahlias are well on the way, and frothy bishops flower (ammi majus) are towering above the borders like wild, natural garden umbrellas.

Mixing scented white O'Hara roses (or any other white rose) with an array of other white flowers, from alba foxgloves to delphinium spires creates a bouquet that is filled with interest and texture, as well as subtle shades of colour to create a truly sophisticated bridal look. 

anemone bloomologie

So if you're thinking of going for white, natural wedding flowers, step away from the round mound of white roses and choose a more layered, textured approach - the same as you'd take when shopping for your dress. The result will be far more sophisticated and modern - and you'll get a bouquet that reflects the seasons, too.