Wild wedding flowers

Last weekend we worked on the most relaxed lovely wedding in Suffolk and it was a treat to use almost entirely British flowers too.

With an Irish bride and a scottish groom that was always going to be a great party, and Emma and Jonathan took on an enormous undertaking in hiring a working agricultural Suffolk barn as their venue. It is simply a shell, and was full of agricultural feed when I went to recce the job back in April, but even then you could see its potential. What's more, the barn came with the run of the manor house, Crows Hall, which has its very own moat and bridge, and truly beautiful gardens.

Bloomologie Jonathan buttonhole

After an initial brief of white roses, gyp and thistle, the couple bravely decided to go down a more relaxed, countryside route for their flowers to echo the mid-summer, country feel to their chosen venue and village church, and the laid-back, colourful mood of their celebration.

Bloomologie crowshall bar

As the florist I was thrilled to be able to use British wild flowers to bring the meadows and hedgerows into the barn, and I was delighted to find a flower farm just 15 minutes away who supplied all of the delectable, elegant and truly special flowers for the barn. Although we went with a relaxed , informal jumble of bud vases and bottles, the result was delicate and whimsical - every flower was visible and had space to breath and to shine, and every single one of the 56 vases was different.

Bloomologie crowshall tables

On the bar we placed a pickle jar of vibrant dahlias, poppy seedheads, hollyhocks and stocks while outside we dressed the barn door with rustic crates, and a jug bursting with British blooms as well as a floral garland over the door, containing scented Irish Hope roses and Scottish thistles.

At Debenham church we kept the pew ends simple and scented with a combination of Irish Hope roses, Margaret Merril roses, hebe and scented geranium leaf, while the urn at the front of the church brought the whole garden inside with a riot of colour, reflecting Emma's wild, rambling bouquet. I was thrilled to see the church yard was blooming with Hollyhocks as I'd chosen these for the urn, along with larkspur, snapdragons, mint, rosemary, lysimachia, scented garden roses, include David Austin Kate, Romantic Antike, Just Joey, Jubilee Celebration, Evelyn and Irish Hope among others...

Bloomologie debenham urn

Emma's bouquet was packed with colour, scent and variety, from the mix of roses to foxgloves, penstemon, scabious, love in the mist, alchemilla, honeysuckle, passionflower and jasmine. The maids had posies of Irish Hope, Margaret Merrill, scabious and sweet peas, while the groom and ushers all sported thistles, Irish Hope roses and for the groom a Charmant rose, with thistles, rosemary and campion.

Bloomologie Debenham pew end

More garlanding adorned the church gates to welcome guests in. It may have been one of the hottest days of the year, but the feeling was relaxed and joyous and I hope the flowers reflected that too.