Scent with love

Over the past few months I've been really strict about what I think Bloomologie should be doing and the direction that we should be taking. And that meant scrapping the vases and lifestyle products that I had on our web shop.

We are about flowers, seasonal, scented, botanical, blooming, wild and romantic flowers.

That are British whenever possible - I want British to make up more than 75 per cent of our trade this year.

And as local and natural and sustainable as possible.

And then I met Jenna, a fellow south east London (by way of Cornwall) business owner with like-minded ethics and vision. Her natural soy wax candles are scented with 100 per cent essential oils (the lavender is grown in Hampshire) and have a similar wild, luxe feel about them.

I knew her small-batch distillery and high quality production were a perfect fit for us and the ideal luxurious extra gift to complement our flowers.

So now we proudly stock JOIN Candles on our web shop. Flowers and candles, it's a happy combination and we hope you'll agree.

If you ever want to come and smell the fabulous Hedgerow (neroli, rose and basil) or Pebble (bergamot and black pepper) - to name just two - you can pop in to our new London studio in Blackheath, from March.