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Regardless of age or religion, funeral and sympathy flowers convey the message of love, friendship and hope at a time when often words are too difficult to express. At Bloomologie, we specialise in natural, seasonal (always British wherever possible) sympathy flowers, that are stylish, relaxed and that have a wild, garden-gathered look.

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We make bespoke funeral and remembrance flowers as we believe that everyone is as individual in death as they are in life, and we only use the finest, freshest flowers. In the past we've even included the flowers from a passionate gardener's own garden, which the family were able to keep as cuttings after the funeral and then plant in their own garden - a beautiful memory and tribute that will live on.

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We use natural, organic and bio-degradable materials that are suitable for natural burial services, green funerals and woodland memorials, whether it's a traditional wreath (we recently made an entirely natural moss wreath of heather and thistle, adorned with the family's tartan, for a natural burial in Scotland) or a relaxed, hand-tied sheaf, wrapped with natural paper raffia ribbon.

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Funerals are always difficult and painful, but choosing the right flowers can really help to ease the burden and give you the chance to be involved and in control of the event (so much about a funeral is pre-ordained that it can be hard to remember that this is an event that is yours, and you can make it unique and special) - it is also a beautiful way to remember the person you have lost. Many people have a favourite flower, plant or colour that we can incorporate to personalise your arrangement so that it truly reflects, celebrates and represents your loved one.

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