A conscious decision

Our floral designs capture nature's organic beauty, but not at the earth's expense. We aim to tread as lightly as possible, leaving the smallest carbon footprint that we can - here are some of the steps we have already taken...

flower crown Bloomologie 4.jpg

Local and seasonal

We source our flowers as locally as possible and we work with seasonal flowers, so you'll never find peonies in our Christmas arrangements or tropical flowers in a summer bouquet. If we can get British flowers we will always choose them first and we're fully behind the Back British Farming campaign; 100 per cent of our foliage is grown in the UK, and when we can't get British roses, we use ethically-grown Fair Trade roses from Kenya. Why? Because this way you get the freshest, strongest flowers that have real variety, scent and will last.

flower bomb Bloomologie LR.jpg

war on waste

Bloomologie buys flowers bespoke to order so we minimise wastage - and we compost all of our floral waste. When we get flowers back from an event that can be re-used, we give then to local charities to add some cheer to hospices and care homes. As for packaging, we recycle - and our own wrapping is all recyclable and compostable, we went to great lengths to find truly compostable cellophane! Lastly, we avoid the use of unsustainable floral foam wherever possible and use biodegradable alternatives instead.


Fare's Fair 

We are ethical employers - all our staff are trained "the Bloomologie way" and are paid above the London Living Wage - because we believe in investing in people and nurturing a valued team to get you the best results for your event.